Kapil Sharma show, season 2

Kapil Sharma is very known name in Indian homes. Whether it is for his comedy timing and how much of his jokes relatable to average Indian family or his feud with Dr. Mashoor Gulati on a flight.

He is is now in with his new comedy show “The Kapil Sharma Show” which just started on 29th Dec of 2018. There are rumors that our beloved Comedy start reduced his fees.

He is no doubt a big star and deserve a high fees, it was true with his old version on Kapil Sharma show when he was charging approx 70 lakh INR for per show.

But after that unfortunate fight with Sunil Grover which results in Sunil Grover leaving the show. TV ratings were going down eventually show was closed after that.

That showed was closed almost a year ago. during this one year Kapil just disappeared from mainstream media and TV. Many Kapil’s fans were waiting for his comeback eagerly. Then suddenly we came to know about his marriage with Ginni Chatrathon 11 Dec. fairly this move surprised us a lot.

Entry screen of Kapil Sharma Show season 2

So about his new fees for Kapil’s Brand new Show. finally we are sure that Kapil is charging very low fee for his Role in brand new Kapil Sharma Show. its not that he can not get more fee because he dented is face value and nobody want to sign him on his previous fee but truth is little more acceptable for fans.

You can watch his recorded Show on Sony Liv

Realy about Kapil Sharma Fees

Many People say for second version of Kapil Sharma Show, he is charging approx 15lakh for per show. which is surely a quite steep low from what he used ti  charge for same role. The reason stated for his new fee is that friendship.

thats true… Salman Khan, Sources says its because of Salman Khan.

Kapil Sharma with Salman Khan appearing as guest for Kapil Sharma show Season 2, Episode 4

Really? How can anyone believe that? Let me tell you, this news is completely false. First of all Salman Khan in not struggling with his finance and second one is Friends don’t  do pay-cuts. So it is a pure lie that Kapil Sharma’s fee is decreased.

Although there is no official statement from Kapil Sharma about his fee, He neither denied nor Stated about his fee cut.

Recently Krushna interact with media about his appearance and role in Kapil’s Show about which everyone was surprised about . why? everyone know Kapil and Krushna are rivals in comedy.

anyhow during Krushna Abhisek interaction with media he completely denied all rumors of Kapil Sharma Pay-cut. He stated that ” all Actors at Kapil Sharma Show are being Paid well and there is no truth about Kapil sharma’s fees is reduced. ”

So it is very good news for fans. Folks don’t worry about it and keep loving Kapil sharma. all news about his getting unfair pay is merely rumors and our beloved comedian is getting as per he deserve and we all know he don’t deserve a Pay cut.

Keep smiling