Bollywood always copy Hollywood

Bollywood is one of the biggest entertainment industry in the world. You will surprised to know in no of movies released in one year Bollywood defeat Hollywood and come in 1st as it produce about 1,600 movies in a year.

Do people think Bollywood is Shit? but why?

If you are watching a Bollywood movie and its too good, than its safe to assume that movie is copied from somewhere

Many people know that in term of quality Bollywood is far behind Hollywood. there are plenty of great movies in Bollywood praised by critiques all over world.

Most of the movies being released in India is either copied or remake of old great movies. Here is a list of movies which were just ripoff of Hollywood.

Koi Mill Gya

This movie was one of the best in term of acting level. Acting of Hritik Roshan was just out of this world. this movie packs combination of melodrama, fun, sci-fi we can say it was complete package.

Here’s why Many people think Bollywood is Shit

Sad thing is that this movie’s plot and key component was copied from Steven Spielberg’s master piece E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial   . While watching this movie you will see a lots of similarities. Here are some screenshots side by side.

Awara Paagal Deewana

Directed by Vikram bhatt and Starring Akshay kumar and Sunil shetty both of them were big stars during 2002, year this movie was released. Paresh Rawal played a very comic and funny role in this film. No surprise he won three award for his epic acting in this movie.

But, it is very shameful that a complete fight sequence of Akshay Kumar was copied from Movie “Matrix”. You wont believe how they even copied camera angel, location, get-up. Just see some of the screenshot from both movies side by side.

screenshot from awara-pagal-deewana
screenshot from awara-pagal-deewana
Bollywood copying Hollywood
Bollywood copying Hollywood


Gunda was an action movie starring Mithun Chakrborty. but in a scene where there was shootout and villains were shooting each others mercilessly, Our beloved Mithun da apllied his tested and proven defense method i.e to hide behind a Bicycle. no joke man! here is the screenshot.

Mithun hiding Behind a bicycle during gun fight

Grand Masti

If ever they will be Giving Oscar’s to “most copied scenes in a movie” I am pretty sure no one can beat Grand Masti. This movies was an adult comedy released in 2013 starring Ritesh DeshmukhVivek Oberoi, Aftab Shivdasani, Sonalee Kulkarni, Karishma Tanna  and Manjari Fadnis .

Grand Masti movie of bollywood- copied Austin Powers scene
Grand Masti movie of bollywood- copied Austin Powers scene
Grand Masti movie of bollywood- copied Austin Powers scene
Grand Masti movie of bollywood- copied Austin Powers scene

I am not saying this movie is the worst in history of Indian cinema but it is indeed cheap comedy and rubbish. You can just go to IMDb page of Grand Masti and read some reviews to get an idea about movies. some reviews are hilarious though.

Copied scene of movie Grand Masti which they shamelessly copied from Ace Ventura, Pet detective
Copied scene of movie Grand Masti which they shamelessly copied from Ace Ventura, Pet detective

Almost every scene of this movie is copied but its very shocking  to know that this movie was one of the biggest hit of that year, it managed to earn 145 crores ( $30 Millions).


Mastizade was a fun-to-watch movie released in 2016. In Bollywood comedy genre is known for producing most copycats movies.

Many of this movie’s scenes were copied from here and there, few of them are listed here . one is copied from an old Italian movie and Bollywood recreated it with their shitty over acting while another one is copied from an old commercial.


This was one of the best comedy movie I liked from Bollywood. You cannot imagine level of my cringe after knowing how much of this movie is copied.

We will start with the iconic car jump scene, this scene was frame to frame copied from Hollywood movie Road Trip (2000). don’t believe me? here is the evidence

Dhamaal movie copied scenece
Dhamaal movie copied scenece
Dhamaal movie copied scene- Bollywood copying Hollywood
Dhamaal movie copied scene- Bollywood copying Hollywood

so from above scene you now getting an idea how they shamelessly copied from Road trip but wait..

Starting scene where Ritesh Deshmukh was playing role of an security head and telling "this is most secured place on earth" was copied from Johny English
Starting scene where Ritesh Deshmukh was playing role of an security head and telling “this is most secured place on earth” was copied from Johny English

This is not the only scene here is an another of your favorite scene which were completely ripped off from an old Hollywood movie named It’s a Mad Mad Mad World which was released in 1963.

Whole plot of movie was copied from old hollywood movies "Its a mad mad world"
Whole plot of movie was copied from old hollywood movies “Its a mad mad world”

The plot of the movie which consist traveling to a park and all lead actors have to find a big W where by digging they supposed to find a big sum of money.

its very hurting when we see our favorite scene is fully copied
its very hurting when we see our favorite scene is fully copied

This is big shame for Bollywood as biggest entertainment industry.

Om Shanti Om

Starring Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, after release this movie was talk of the town and earned well in its opening week. Om Shanti Om’s story is quite interesting and many Bollywood stars appeared in cameo roles in this movie including Akshay Kumar.

Whole scene sequence of Akshay Kumar was copied from Swedish movie Kopps. Here is the Screenshot of both movies side by side.

copied scene of om shanti om
copied scene of om shanti om

You will be amazed by Bollywood’s talent as they copied exact numbers of bullets too as if copying isn’t complete if it ain’t a 100% copy..


Our beloved Salman Khan is the bollywood star with very huge but Stupid fans following. His movie Dabbang, which were released in 2010 was quite a hit as usual.

It’s not true every Bollywood movie is copied movie but every Salman’s movie is.

We can call Dabbang as Frankenstein of copied Hollywood movies as it copied scenes from Sherlock Holmes, Romeo Must Dies, Transporter etc. I know Bhai’s fan will be angry by reading this but truth is truth here is the scenes side by side from Dabbang

Oil fight sequence of movie Dabbang was copied from 2002 Hollywood movie The Transporter
Whole Oil – fight sequence of Dabbang was copied from The Transporter movie (2002) almost every step


I know if I say anything Negative about Bahubali I must face wrath of its cult type fan following. No doubt Bahubali was a turning point in history of Bollywood because of its great quality CGI which was first of a kind in India and movie did quite well in India and earned a lot.

one of the Bollywood's Biggest hit Bahubali movie's Poster was copied from Hollywood movie Simon Birch

it was Blockbuster of that year and set many new records despite not featuring any big name or superstar.

Bahubali poster was copied from King Kong

Bahubali scene was copied from Avengers-

Bahubali Scene Copied from Hollywood movie Hercules

But while watching this movie we can clearly notice that many of the scenes looks familiar with Avengers. Here are some comparison side to side with Bahubali scenes and Avengers


Housefull was released in 2010, Directed by Sajid Khan starring Akshay Kumar as lead role. It was a fun-to-watch comedy movie and Bollywood even make a second installment after huge success of first movie.

Houseful-2 movie was copied from Hollywood's Night at the Museum

Many of the secnes from both Housefull 1 and Houseful -2  were copied. Here we will only talk about Housefull 1.

Houseful movie scene where on a beach Akshay Hit Man's Head was copied from and old video

The scene where Akshay kumar and Monkey engage in slap fight were copied from movie A night in a Museum.


Rohit Shetty directed Singham (2011) starring Ajay Dengn. This movie was remake of 2010 Tamail movie Singam.

Singham Movie scene wee copied from Mission Impossible 3

In Bollywood version of Singham we find many action scene was poorly copied from some famous Hollywood hits like Red and Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible-3. here is side by side comparison of two most prominent action scenes of Singham.

This singham scene was copied from movie RED(2010)


Govinda was a big name and hit superstar of 90’s but due to some reasons he was away from limelight and no one wanted to do any movie with him.

At that time Massiah of Bolywood launched him again in lead role with movie Partner(2007) while Salman did a supporting role of Love Guru in that movie.

What we say about every Salman Khan’s Movie? yes right, Its always a copy

It was a great story and plot for Bollywood fans who never watch Hollywood but a heartbreaking moment for true Hollywood fans.

Partners scenes were copied from Will Smith's movie Hitch

This movie was a copy of one of the best movie Hitch(2005) by one of the best Hollywood Actor Will Smith. Partner was a 3rd grade copy of that legendary movie. Movie was no where near perfection of Hitch.

beside story-line, Directors of Partner also copied some key scenes from Hitch.


We all Know Gajini, It was the highest grosser of year 2008 with collection of 100 crores from domestic market only. Gajini was a remake of south Indian movie with same name.

Movie poster of both Momento and Gajini

we can not call it exact copy (as in case of Salman Khan’s movies) but it was heavily inspired by Momento(2000). Even movie’s trailer was heavily inspired from Momento.


from concept of Short term memory loss and creating memory by taking pictures. ( they even copied the same camera).

God Tusi Great Ho

God Tusi Great Ho was comedy movie released in 2008. You can know much about quality of movie by IMDb ratings for this movie which is 3.6 out of 10. Although we Indian don’t need IMDb rating to guess the quality of movie because we know it was a Salman Bhai’s movie.

God Tusi Great ho was copied from Jim Carry's Bruce Almighty
The Scene where Salman After becoming God, Magically steal some clothes from showcase of store, Was copied from Bruce Almighty

OH! Salman’s Movie again in list of Copied Movies. Surprise

Oh God tusi Great ho scene was copied from Bruce Almighty
Amitabh Bachan(God) giving Salman’s Lock back. Same as in Bruce Almighty


Judwa was so popular that they created a remake of it which feature Varun Dhawan (Leonardo Di Caprio of India). This movie was copied from Telgu movie Hello Brother (1994 ) which too were copied from Jackie Chan’s Twin Dragons (1992)

There will be a legendary Bollywood Actor Who will never copy any movie but his name will not end with Khan

— Nostradamus


Varun Dhawan is so talented that he perfectly copied copied Salman Khan in Judwa-2 we can proudly call this movie ‘Inception’ of Plagiarism.

Judwa 2 's Bathtub scene of Varun Dhawan which were originally in movie twin Dragon were copied by Salman's Judwa than Judwa remake of Varun Dhawan's Judwa 2
Judwa 2 ‘s Bathtub scene of Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandez, which were originally in movie Twin Dragon (1992), were copied by Salman’s Judwa than and now Judwa 2 (remake) also copied that scene.

Jai ho(2014)

Remember what I said about Salman’s movie? its true this time too as expected. Jai Ho movie featured a backstage dancer as Lead Actress (Daisy Shah).

Movie was copied from South Indian movie Stalin(2006) which were copied from movie Pay it Forward (2000). seems like they implemented the tagline of movie of asking 3 people to do something good.

If you find a good Hollywood, send them to 3 people who can make a copy of that movie in India.  -Bhoi

We cannot blame actors for doing a copycat movie, Directors are more responsible.


There is one important thing to kept in mind that many Actor comes up with their own story and choose a director to work on their story which cast himself as lead actor and his choice of women as lead actress. Same is true in case of Salman Khan.

99 Troll will bring you another part of this Copycat series

Comment below if you know any other Bollywood copycat movie. We will feature that in next part of this blog.