Always check Background when you click pics
Always check Background when you click pics

We all love taking Selfies and Pictures, vast availability of Smartphones with Good camera make it easy to click lots of pics. we are so addicted with taking pics with iPhones or Galaxies that sometimes we forget to check background and this results in some funny but awkward pics. here are the few example. Enjoy.

Guy in background
Well, you cannot stop someone from peeing LOL. but photographer looks naive.

What a “wild” Moment :p

Bear Grilled
School administration thought its a good idea if their students observe wild life by visiting local sanctuary.

Photobombed expression.

Hope she is not doing it on purpose. BTW cute face.

Aawww how cute Mirror Selfie…….. wait LOL

Girl's Mirror selfie
Always take Bathroom Selfies when are are alone there.

Well, everyone have their own Priories.

Night Party
Guy in background Having “good” time.

Always be careful when you take group pics, specially with Guys.

outdoor group pic
Guy having his own moments.

English kids are cute, but don’t look in the background.

Girl on beach
Beach is where people go for “Fun”.

This couple thought its a good idea to upload their pic clicked at “Cycle Rally” but they also forgot to check background.

Cyclist Rally
Cyclist preparing for his new competition.

This is all as of now. if you have any pic or image you think is funny or interesting enough to share with online community you can inbox 99 TROLL’s Facebook page.

Keep Smiling.